5-link rear suspension

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We believe that this is the ultimate rear suspension set up for the MGB, GT and all V8s. Computer-aided design and a rigorous programme of road and track testing have resulted in a bolt-on, 5- link, coil spring rear suspension set up that transforms not only the handling of the MG, but also the ride quality and comfort. We believe that a properly located live axle will outperform any independent set up, particularly those with unavoidable design compromises. This truly is the ultimate option in MG upgrades and is very competitively priced.

rs 5linkgt B – 5-link rear suspension for GT
rs 5linkr B – 5-link rear suspension for Roadster

The kit entirely replaces your existing suspension set up with an all-new system. Parallel trailing arms and coil over gas dampers combined with a Panhard rod give unrivalled rear end control and comfort while putting more power on the road. Axle and body locating brackets maintain precise axle location even in the most extreme conditions allowing the fitment of larger 195 section rear tyres without body modifications. This performance kit will transform the ride of your car allowing you to confidently push harder into any corner, wet or dry. All this while riding in a degree of comfort never before offered in an MGB. Driving is believing.

Difficulty rating:
This is not a difficult conversion to install, although it is detailed and needs to be tackled methodically. Many of our customers have successfully installed the kit themselves. You will need a small tool kit, jack, axle stands and a drill. Just one hole has to be drilled in the chassis and the old spring hangers will need to be removed. A total of 14 hours should see this kit fully set up and running.
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Always use appropriate equipment for the job at hand. If in doubt, seek professional advice.

Can I install it myself? Yes. This kit, as with all our conversions, comes with full instructions and can be installed by a competent mechanic or enthusiast. We are usually available on the phone to answer any questions you may have while you are working on the car. Is it just for track use or can I use it on the road? This conversion was initially designed for road use. However it has proved itself on track and has embarrassed some exotic sports cars! As with the front suspension conversion, the trick here is to use different roll bars for different driving styles. For road and road sport use, a rear anti roll bar (sway bar) is not required. However, we do offer a 5/8″ rear bar for track use. This can be disconnected or removed when not required. I only have a standard engine. Will it make much difference to my car? Our main demonstrator is a rubber bumper MGBGT with a standard engine. This car is underpowered against modern sports cars but the handling is great fun. Our advice is, if you want to improve your car on a budget, spend what you can on handling and brakes before you go for more power. We guarantee you’ll have more fun. I have a tuned V8. Will it cope with that much power? Yes, this conversion was designed with 2 cars in mind. We have a fairly standard 1962 MGB as well as V8 which currently has a 5.0L Wildcat engine producing around 370bhp. The 5-link conversion works equally well on both, although I must say the way you can now put the power down on the V8 is breathtaking. Why should I choose the 5-link over other conversions? We never discuss rival products directly, but I can say we have tested all the various spring and damper options available and none gave us the results we wanted. We also looked at other suspension conversions to see if there was already something out there that gave the required handling and ride quality, but sadly we did not find anything we wanted to use on our cars. What’s more, we felt that on test, the competition offered lower performance at a higher price. Can I adjust the ride height with the 5 link conversion? We offer the conversion as standard with the option of chrome or rubber bumper ride height. We can also supply adjustable spring mounting platforms, although if you want to go very low you will have to do some modification to the top mount and chassis leg for additional clearance. From our experience the handling is so good that you probably will not need to lower the car further.